Heavy Metal Poisoning

Did you know Heavy Metal Poisoning is making you weak and sick…. Did you know Heavy Metal Poisoning is killing you? Well it is and it attacks you in all different ways. Each body is unique, each person has walked a different life path and has encountered different toxins on the way. As a result, each person suffers heavy metal poisoning in a different, and unique way.

Where Heavy Metal Poisoning Comes From

  • mercury – silver amalgam fillings, vaccines, drugs, pesticides, etc.
  • lead – older homes, paints, pipes, cookware, toys, candy, batteries, etc
  • thallium – contaminated drinking water, electronic components, etc.
  • aluminum – cookware, cosmetics, deodorants, herbal products, etc.
  • tungsten – fire and waterproof materials, industrial lubricants, etc.
  • tin -canned foods, water pipes, toothpaste, pest control products, etc.

The heavy metal poisoning test I recommend is one that uses DMSA Synergy and collects urine for a 6 hour period. There is a 24 hour heavy metal poisoning test but it is a bit of a bother to collect the urine and refrigerate it through the night. Results are the same and I have done both.

Afterwards, you chelate with a simple 3 day “on” and 11 day “off” protocol.  The amount of DMSA Synergy you take is dependant upon your body weight.
The results of the heavy metal poisoning test include a lab report with its scientific, creatinine-based scale showing the levels of 21 heavy metals in your body.   The test used to have only 15 heavy metals but 6 new ones were added in December of 2009.

In addition to the six metals listed above in the bulleted area, the heavy metal poisoning test measures antimony, arsenic, barium, beryllium, bismuth, cadmium, cesium, nickel, platinum, palladium, gadolinium, tellurium, thorium, titanium, and uranium.

The heavy metal poisoning test and the actual oral chelation process both use the DMSA Synergy product.   So, each time you do the heavy metal poisoning test you are simultaneously chelating a portion of the heavy metals poisoning you!!!   This 6 hour heavy metal poisoning test should be done every 3 months during your chelation process and you will be shocked to see the heavy metal poisoning levels reduced.

A single chelation cycle includes taking the DMSA Synergy capsules for 3 days than letting your body “rest” for 11 days.  During the “rest” period, your body’s cell (using glutathione) push more toxic heavy metals outwards so the next chelation cycle can grab the heavy metal poisoning you.   After your “body burden levels” are reduced (usually one full 3 month period) you add alpha lipoic acid or ALA and the blood-brain barrier is opened to remove the heavy metal poisoning in your brain cells. This is the source of Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Behavioural problems, and a great many neurological problems.

Once you recognize the health problems associated with heavy metal poisoning you will be quick to chelate those toxins out… I know I was!

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