Heavy Metal Detox

Have you ever heard the phrase “Get the Lead Out”? It means you are being slowed by extra weight so get rid of it! This is the perfect analogy for the heavy metal detox.

The heavy metal detox is a simple 3 day “on” and 11 day “off” protocol. The amount of DMSA SYNERGY you take is dependant upon your body weight.

Heavy Metal Detox is the phenomenon where we remove the toxins our body cells have stored because they are accumulating to dangerous levels that are impairing our health and causing disease. To prevent the diseases affecting an increasing number of people and children in modern society, a heavy metal detox is now a necessity.

The heavy metal detox is an inexpensive way to get your health back. Since I began chelating (another way of saying heavy metal detox), I have removed more than 30% of the lead and mercury and completely detoxed other metals.

Heavy Metal Detox removes 21 toxic metals including lead, mercury, aluminum, nickel, arsenic, tin, thallium, antimony, barium, uranium, beryllium, bismuth, cadmium, cesium, gadolinium, palladium, platinum, tellurium, thorium, titanium, and tungsten. I hadn’t even heard of most of these heavy metals until I detoxed them!!

Seems the heavy metal detox is necessary because these toxins are everywhere. We were born with a large percentage of lead and mercury – a level to correlate to whatever levels our Moms carried. We then get vaccines full of toxins, plus drugs, pharmaceuticals, mercury fillings, and lots of those weird sounding toxins are in modern day carpets, lighting, cleansers, flooring – everything is off-gasing poisons nowadays! Heavy metal detox is a necessity because these high intake levels make our “body burden” too great for our body’s to manage causing sickness, illness, and death rates to increase.

Heavy Metal Detox Continued

Know anyone who is sick and doesn’t know why? Have them do a heavy metal detox and they WILL improve. The heavy metal detox removes the obstacles in our body that are preventing our bodies from healing themselves. These poisons weren’t designed to be in us and our cells have no idea what do with them. The body can not naturally excrete heavy metals so it stores these toxins in the cells and they accumulate there until your body screams “too much” and you get sick!!

Also, each body’s ability to handle toxins is different… autistic kids reach their body burden when they had a vaccine, others reach it when juvenile diabetes turns to adult-onset diabetes in an 8-year old, teenagers have more cancer, adults more Alzheimer’s and Dementia…

We are all made differently – uniquely – and the heavy metal detox removes the worst health inhibitors first… Meaning: some people will remove lead first cause that is making them the sickest while others will chelate mercury first cause that person’s body is most threatened by that metal. Our bodies have to have the heavy metal detox to enable us to regain our health and let our body’s heal the way nature intended!!! Get the heavy metal detox done today and enjoy healing – naturally!!!

Heavy Metal Detox Quick & Easy

There are a LOT of products on the market that say they can get heavy metals out of your body. Which one would you trust, one that is FDA approved or some other product that makes all kinds of claims with not proof? I personally chose DMSA Synergy and my urine test done before and after chelation with DMSA Synergy proves that DMSA does remove toxic heavy metals like lead and mercury.

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