Heavy Metal Cleanse To Prevent Disease

Anyone that knows me knows that I have been obsessed with improving my health and the best way I have found is with the Heavy Metal Cleanse. I want to live to be a healthy 100+ and here’s how to do it!!!

So, you ask… “What is a Heavy Metal Cleanse?”

You know all about colon cleanses, whole body cleanses, and the like but you have never heard of the Heavy Metal Cleanse. Layman description: Heavy Metals are the toxins that are stored deep in the cells of your body and organs and include aluminum (pots, pans), arsenic (lover poisoning you?), lead (from your Mom invitro), mercury (amalgams, silver fillings), the list for heavy metals goes on and on. You get poisoned by the things listed above and by vaccines, drugs, pharmeuceuticals, etc. (so don’t take them!!).

Do I Need a Heavy Metal Cleanse

It takes 4 generations for humans to naturally chelate heavy metals from the body tissue. Once you have these toxins in you, there is NO way to get them out – except the Heavy Metal Cleanse (unless you want to have very expensive and dangerous IV drips… not for me!!). The heavy metal cleanse I took uses a product called DMSA Synergy. DMSA is a compound that goes through your body and attracts the heavy metal toxins residing deep in your cells. The DMSA cleanses the heavy metals from the cells and carries them out in your urine, pee, “number one”, if you prefer!!

The New Heavy Metal Cleanse

The Heavy Metal Cleanse used to be 24 hours long – meaning you had to collect your urine for 24 hours – that was a bit of a pain at night. However, the lab has recently released a 6 hour heavy metal cleanse that is way easier!! Kudos to the lab!! I never liked running down to pee and refridgerating it in the middle of the night when all I wanted to do was cuddle back under the covers!!!

Shorter test time AND I was able to drastically reduce the toxins in by body with the Heavy Metal Cleanse – more than 30% of metals cleansed in 3 months! This part is cool… the Heavy Metal Cleanse gives a scientifically measured lab report of the 21 Toxic Heavy Metals Cleansed through the urine sample – using a creatinine control… very scientific!! Which makes me wonder whether any of the money I spent in years past got anything out of me – I had no proof!! I carry the heavy metal cleanse test with me to show everyone because it is very easy to understand and I AM A HEALTHY PERSON WITH ALL THAT CRAP IN ME!!! I can’t imagine the levels sick people have!!!

And it is simple.  The heavy metal detox is a simple 3 day “on” and 11 day “off” protocol.  The amount of DMSA SYNERGY you take is dependant upon your body weight. Feel free contact me for a free personalized heavy metal cleanse protocol. Yes I am a real person who will respond, no some over hyped marketing company or automated script.

If you want to get pregnant and/or avoid debilitating diseases later in life, this is the way to go!!!   The heavy metal cleanse is for everyone young and old, male and female, sick and healthy!!!

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